British Veterans Fencing

Dear 40+ Fencer

You may be a beginner. You may be an ex or even current international. You may even have not yet started and are just thinking about it. You may be thinking about coming back to this exciting and rewarding sport after a break. The break, like mine may well have been over 20 years.

I would like to let you know that you can get even more out of your fencing experience by joining up with British Veterans Fencing (BVF)

BVF caters for all levels, helping you get the most out of your training.

I'll keep it short.

We have open events for 40+ only – open to all nationalities.

We have national qualification events open to GB nationals only for separate age groups and also for all 40+ together.

We have international events where you can compete for your country.

Quite a few of our fencers go to international events and we can help coordinate their trips as well as make sure other members know who is going so they are not alone. You might want to join them at a camp in Italy or an event in France!

Did you know you don't need to qualify at the moment to go to the European Championships for GB or to the Commonwealths for your home country?

Just join BVF and you will get access to all the details and become a member of a jolly group of well organized friendly fencers.

What's there to lose ? £15 a year.

What's there to gain ? All the above, the BVF newsletter, the opportunity to represent your country and to have lots of fun and meet new people.

How do I join up ? Go to and follow the How to Join tab on the right hand side. There is a BVF Facebook Group to join as well.


Peter Howes
British Veterans Fencing Development Officer

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