Our Fencing Equipment

Personal protective equipment and weapons are provided for Adult and Junior Beginner courses and Junior members.

All other adult club member or visiting fencers are expected to provide their own.

Covid Protocol for Fencing Equipment

Club members will be required to bring and use their own equipment. There will be NO sharing of fencing clothing, masks, weapons, wires or any other items.

Junior members will be able to borrow jackets, plastrons, gloves, masks and non-electric foils from the club. These will be signed for and returned to the Club on their last night of attendance in the autumn term. After the loaned items are returned to club they will be washed, wiped down and quarantined (following BFA guidelines) prior to being lent to another fencer.

All clothing should be washed and cleaned before use at a session using the highest temperatures recommended by the manufacturers (and use laundry detergent). Please refer to section 4.2 of the BFA protocol on cleaning equipment.

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