Our Fencing Instructors

Iuliana Cocora

Iuliana Cocora

Iuliana Cocora holds the British Fencing coaching qualification at level 4 in foil, épée and sabre, and coaches adults at Wimbledon in all three weapons.

From 1997 to 2011 Iuliana was a member of the Romanian national fencing team, winning three team European Championship titles and finishing with Top 8 rankings at numerous World and European Championships. Her career highlight is an individual bronze medal at the 2005 Senior European Championships.

She holds a Master's degree in Performance and Competitive Sport, and has served as a sergeant major in CSA Steaua București, the Romanian Army's sports society and Romania's most successful club.

In addition to her role at Wimbledon, Iuliana coaches fencing at Whitgift School.

Brian Riseley

Brian Riseley

Brian is a club coach who has been fencing for 16 years and coaching both children and adults for 10 years. He coaches sports schools for SportsCoach plc and for Merton and Guildford.

Brian has also coached his son, David Riseley, who is a top GB fencer and former member of the GB Olympic team.

Brian coaches all first-timers on the beginners course as a group, covering areas such as fitness, stance, foot work, basic attack & defence and safety.

Brian also coaches children age from 6 to 8 years old as mini-fencers. For more information about mini-fencing, visit http://www.xswords.com

David Riseley

David Riseley

David started fencing at the age of six, coached by his father and at Salle Coton. He joined Wimbledon Fencing Club when he was eleven.

He started competitive fencing when he was twelve, his first major success being the national U14 junior foil champion. He subsequently won every age group championship.

After school he took a degree in Business Studies at NESCOT, and continued his fencing training at Sussex House School. He also coached there after college.

From the age of 16, David was part of the GB Squad and fenced in every World Championships for five years. His best result was fifth in 2002. In the same year he achieved bronze medal positions in the European Championships and the Commonwealth Games. In 2008 he won the British National Foil Championship.

David coaches the junior members of Wimbledon Fencing Club. He has attained the British Fencing coaching qualification at grade 2 in foil.

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