COVID-19 Club Members Update : May 2021

Please find below important changes to our club operations.

Club Opening Times

Wednesdays : 19.30 – 21.30 (except Juniors who finish supervised training at 21.00)

Attendance at Training Sessions

Numbers attending training sessions will be strictly limited, with places booked in advance. At present, only fully paid-up club members can be accommodated. Club members will receive access details for the following on-line booking request form :

Club Members Training Session Booking Form

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Notes :

Fencing Session Check-In / Registration

Fencers and visitors arriving at the Merici Centre will each have their temperature taken and recorded. They will be asked to use sterilising hand gel, which they should have with them. There will also be dispensers in the venue.

Attendees will be required to hand in a Pre-session Health Declaration form. The form includes questions about diagnosis / symptoms / possible exposure to COVID-19, and requires an undertaking to follow safety guidelines and instructions.

This registration procedure will allow for contact tracing. As part of the process, attendees will also be asked to agree to the Club sharing their details as the COVID officer thinks appropriate (including with NHS Track & Trace, Ursuline High School and with other attendees). If an attendee tests positive for COVID-19, he/she should immediately inform the COVID officer and follow all NHS requirements.

The WFC COVID Officer is Alan Grafton (tel : 07752-479-103; email :


Regrettably, there is currently no provision for spectators in the sports hall. Procedures for spectators and visitors when indoor fencing resumes is yet to be confirmed.

When children are dropped off and/or collected from training sessions, the responsible adult may not proceed further than just inside the main door of the Merici Centre to leave or collect the child. A responsible adult should be available to respond quickly should the child become unwell or injured, and need to be collected.


  1. Club members will be required to bring and use their own equipment. There will be NO sharing of fencing clothing, masks, weapons, wires or any other items.
  2. Junior members will be able to use Club jackets, plastrons, gloves, masks and non-electric foils. They must be returned to the cupboards in a tidy manner at the end of each session.
  3. No Club equipment may be removed from the storage cupboards, apart from judging apparatus. Members will be required to set up and pack away judging apparatus, as directed by the coaches. No more than 2 persons per piste; sanitise hands before and after handling the equipment.
  4. When clipping onto spools, unplug weapon, remove fencing glove, clip on, sanitise hands, put on glove, plug in weapon; reverse the procedure for un-clipping.
  5. Where possible, avoid switching off boxes or changing settings between bouts, and sanitise hands after touching. Boxes must be cleaned with damp sterilising wipes before returning to storage.
  6. Spools must be wiped down after use, between bouts and at the end of each session. The protocol for wiping down is: remove fencing glove, sanitise hands, touch equipment, sanitise hands, replace fencing glove. Fencers will be asked to do this. The Club will have appropriate sterilising wipes available for equipment cleaning.

Fencing Protocols

The following fencing protocols shall be observed :

  1. Fencers will be required to follow social distancing rules and remain 2 metres apart at all times when not fencing.
  2. There will be no hand shaking or any other type of body contact.
  3. Flèching or close-quarters work is permitted provided a risk assessment, carried out by a registered coach, determines that the fencers have a "level of ability" to use these techniques whilst still avoiding bodily contact and can re-establish distance.
  4. Face covering masks will be worn at all times when not fencing. British Fencing does not insist that face coverings are worn whilst fencing and mask liners are only "recommended" (over 11's must wear face coverings when not fencing). Fencers may choose to wear masks/use mask liners. The club is free to impose greater restrictions than those recommended by BF but should weigh these against "alienating" members.
  5. Fencing pistes will be placed over 2 metres apart.
  6. Group sizes will be limited to 6 (including 1 coach as appropriate).
  7. Fencers may not move between groups during any one training session.
  8. Multiple groups can train at the same venue (subject at all times to venue capacity and protocols being observed to avoid or limit interaction between groups).

There will be restrictions around the duration of activity to reduce the total time two people can spend together "on piste". For example, adapted sparring between two individuals in a group can take place but is limited to 1 x 15 hits or 3 x 5 hits, up to a maximum of 10 minutes of fencing time and 15 minutes of elapsed time (including breaks).

The current bout limits for outdoor fencing is 5 x 5 hits or 2 x 15 hits for a maximum of 20 minutes fencing or 30 minutes elapsed time. The limits for indoor fencing are to be confirmed but are expected to be the same.

The programme of fencing activities for each session will be determined by our Coaches. They plan to run warm-up sessions, followed by group sparring / individual lessons.

Further information is available at in the British Fencing Guidelines For Clubs.

Venue Facilities

First Aid

The Club has a basic first-aid, kit but to reduce the risk of contamination of its contents, fencers are requested to carry a small stock of their own supplies of essentials for minor problems (e.g. plasters, crepe bandage, "Koolpak" or coolant spray).


Face masks are obtainable from various suppliers. You may find the following links useful:

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